Never Stop Shining Your Diamond

By Bernie Giggins

To become the diamond that you are, the one you were born to be, by your Soul’s birthright, you must continue as a daily habit to keep it shining. Your Inner Child has spent so many years covered over, hidden under, fitting inside, scared, living other people’s expectations and never it’s true self. It takes effort and time for your Inner Child to trust you, wondering whether you’re going to give up and give in, like many other times in your past?

I give my clients the Ho’oponopono prayer to recite to their younger self for seven days, first thing in the morning and last at night, repeating with love, to their youngest age we uncover in our sessions together. It is a Hawaiian healing practice and it means “to make things right.” By feeling, looking into their eyes and saying the words “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you”, we take responsibility for ourselves and the world we create. We also add ‘I’m proud of you for…’(you filling in the blanks for what you didn’t hear as a child). This prayer creates an energetic bond between you and your inner child, one that everyone around you will notice, respect and treat you differently within the seven days.

We treat others better than we treat ourselves and the way people treat and respect us is a direct result of reading the energy we have within ourselves. There is an invisible sign on our foreheads reading ‘I’m unlovable’, I’m stupid’, ‘I’m not enough’ and the list goes on. This ‘energy message’ shows the person on the outside they need to treat us this way, this is the lesson we need to learn to change our life and direction. The problem is, our mind wants to fight, blame or be a slave to the other person and their actions towards us? The answer is to ask a question of yourself, who does this person remind me of, where have I or I am still treating my own self this way? When you can access any unresolved, unexpressed memory of the past, dissolve it, change it, the ‘energy message’ on the forehead reads a positive one. “I am strong, I am good enough for me, you don’t deserve my time or love, I am free to be me – take me or leave me’.

I challenge you to try this seven-day Ho’oponopono prayer, with one past negative childhood memory of yours or whatever is not working in your current life? For example; if you can’t find a loving supportive partner, how do you talk to yourself when you are alone, what is your self-talk, negative or positive? What belief do you have about your life, from the past, that needs to change? It doesn’t cost you money to do this and in return you will receive what money cannot buy, a life of divine abundance. Commit to Never Letting Anyone Dull Your Diamond!

Love Bernie xx