I’m Bernie Giggins The Soul Awakener – I help people to find and live the Soul Freedom that they seek. Whether it is health, relationships, love, life itself, whatever they haven’t fulfilled in life.
One of the services I offer is called the Energetic Space Clearing and Protection for Land – Home – Finances – Business. It clears all the “adverse affecting” energy from the land, house, home and finances or business.

After receiving your diagram or photo of your property and home, answering some pertinent questions I then engage in a sacred ceremony with the land and home/house spirits. Holding council with the spirits for the imbalance grid to be spoken of.A grid is created to mark where any Yin or Yang imbalances are on the land and separate to the house. Yin and Yang energy must be equal so as energy flows naturally, with balance and harmony in all areas.
The space, land and house energy calibrates everything. It re-aligns for greater abundance and prosperity in that persons life as the owner, renter or care taker. Most likely you don’t know the history of the land before you took up residence or purchased it. There could have been deaths, burials, ley-lines, water courses, in the history of the land. All this oozes up above and the energy is absorbed by what is placed on the land and who lives on the land, to continue to “play out” the energy.

One example – A couple had known the history of the land and asked for help, a person had been building his home and had bought it off a person who had divorced. This new couple were buying from the 2nd person who was now in divorce proceedings. Once the land and house were cleared of the previous “divorce, splitting in half” energy, they now had positive energy to move forward.
This Protection is for three months, full moon to full moon. And then renewed again. Everything is made up of energy, good, bad, yin yang, it is a routine cleansing which needs to be updated. Similar to dusting or sweeping to keep floors clean and tidy, the space clearing energy needs this too.As I mentioned, I connect with the spirit of the land and the spirit of the home to Yin/Yang or balanced energies of the grid plus information of what has been happening in the persons life. if everything is smooth running and there are no problems, there is no need for the Energetic Space Clearing Service. Any blockages, you definitely need this. It is imperative as the adverse negative energy creeps up and takes control.

For example : Too much Yin energy can excess dark, lower vibration, depressive, apathy, creation and no action.
Too much Yang Energy is excess over-giving, action, fatigue energy.
You must have the Yin Yang energy balanced, if it is not balanced – one will take over the whole role and dominate the other. If you have too much Yin in your finances you never get ahead, energy drains out, no energy to act, business does not go ahead – fizzles out, goes bust. There can be a “malevolent illuminati” energy connected as well which is a stronger “man-made” energetic influence of negativity. It is responsible for stopping or slowing down financial abundance.
Where as too much Yang energy you over give so much without realising you must receive back in, also celebrate the wins, recharge, realign the direction if needed (yin energy) balanced Yin Yang – plan, act, receive, refill, etc will be the consistent harmony of both.
And what it gives you is achievements. Your worth, balance, profit, enjoyment and the biggest is freedom. Freedom of choice.

Some clients I have already worked with are.

1st Case Study – One client recently purchased a new larger property, a large house and several sheds. Once the grid of the land and home had been filled in with the yin – yang or balanced energy quadrants, we found his bedroom was Yin energy and the sheds were Yang energy. This explained why he could not go to the sheds to unpack, found excuses or barriers which frustrated him about this “new” property. He thought he brought a Lemon. When changed it was a green light to move forward, showing him the grid and then hearing the changes Yin/Yang balance then protection placed over all, He was very pleased with his investment. This protections lasts for 3 months.
2nd Case Study – For my next client see her video testimonial below.

3rd Case Study – Hoarding for many years. Didn’t realise how much she had collected over many years. When “seeing” the energetic energy over the top it was a fortress, castle wall. They were on the inside and it was a “safe barrier” from outsiders. Once cleared of its energetic hold, she could “safely” take. We installed energetic protective borders on the outside of her property and she feels so much more freedom where she is in control, not in fear and enjoying life so much more.
4th Case Study – A female client had been living with a narcissistic man, they split up and he still had control over here. He kept coming back and wanting more money from her, never leaving her alone, then wanted part of the house as payment. Once the Energetic Space Clearing was completed, her own courageous and confident energy became the boundary. He could not dominate her again, could not claim any more of her energy.
5th Case Study – With the Bagua (Feng Shui guide) Grid over the house – checking the areas for Yin, Yang and balanced energy. The abundance area was Yin excess and had a toy box in that corner with broken toys, an untidy area. She moved the toy box, put in Feng Shui cure and changed the energy of the space back to balance. Within one house, a person who has owed the owner money from the past, which she thought she would not see again, rang her. She had committed to paying the full amount back to the owner. Abundance flows again, magic and miracles abound if you trust.

Contact me if you don’t feel the energy within yourself, your home, or land is balanced – too much excess in either Yin or Yang?

Power Abundance and Prosperity back for you = Priceless!

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Background Information for Energetic Space Clearing and Protection.

Dowsing is part of the tools used in the Space Clearing, Dowsing is not only for water divining it is also to connect to all humans. All humans consist of energy and we all have energy fields all around us and these fields can have blockages or disturbances. When this occurs we are “out of balance”, tired, irritable, suffer sleeplessness, suffer lack, suffer bad luck and more. Dowsing uses a pendulum and metal rods to dscover where blockages are and to clear them for a ‘flow of energy’. Dowsing is a powerful universal gift when used with positive intention and intuition.

Once blockages have been cleared our body will do what comes naturally, that is to heal itself. When we clear our environment where we live and work, we can achieve more and live more abundantly and with freedom. It creates living a better, healthier lifestyle free of negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, invisible negative energy working against us and not for us. Which hold us back for achieving our true potential while here on earth.

The reason we check the land energy is because of geopathic stress caused by underground streams, ley-lines or pressure faults, which give off radiation which can badly affect our health, let alone if something tragic has happened on the land. Computers, microwave ovens, power-points, fluorescent lights and other man made devices can also be the cause of many illnesses, lingering negative energy from current or previous occupants or visitors, is another cause for occupants of a home to feel uncomfortable or ill.

Energetic space Clearing and Protection brings harmony to the home, land, finances and businesses by discovering.