Ever crossed paths with someone with a narcissistic personality?

They are loud, charming and full of energy, there is a certain magnetic quality to them, which can change at a moment’s notice, like the weather.  Narcissists are also unpredictable, turn the tables so you’re always the bad guy/gal, and who is always right.

Narcissists tend to leave a lasting impression, and a wake of destruction with many pieces to pick up, maybe a depleted bank account or broken relationships, robbing you of your self-confidence, self-esteem and personal energy.

Narcissists come in all shapes and forms, I am not just talking about your personal partner, this could be your Father, Mother, sister, best friend, family, adult children, a co-worker or even your bully boss.

You may have learnt over a long and painful time, that you just keep attracting the same type of people into your life, even when you vow and declare this will never happen again, you find yourself right back in the middle of yet another narcissistic relationship. Same experiences just a different person.

In fact, you’re less of a victim and more of a target.  YOU have what the narcissist wants and your generous, over-giving, self-sacrificing nature is just what they need.  You will learn to put and keep personal boundaries to protect your heart, life and beyond.

The uncomfortable truth is that you too have a role to play in these relationships. All of life is a mirror, nowhere can your unhealed patterns be more easily exposed than in a relationship with a Narcissist.  They reflect our insecurities, self-doubts, and feelings of unworthiness and our deepest fear of being unlovable. And we become entangled in their sticky web, most times feeling powerless, helpless and alone.

No wonder a Narcissistic Relationship (or several) hurts so much, is so confusing, controlling and at times overwhelming our common sense.  You are fighting a battle (mostly in your mind) without any support against a force you cannot overcome.  I know this from personal experience as well as client stories, and it stems from a Mother Wound (sometimes father) from childhood.

It can also be related to the FAWN trauma response (Fight, Flight, Freeze & Fawn), also from childhood and definitely our limiting beliefs and definitions we had made about ourselves and the big world when we were too young to know any different, just wanting to be safe and stay alive.

These are the inner reflections still magnetically in place to attract the same experiences to you until you change the program.  You will learn throughout the course and have the power of spiritual and soul energy to change energetically your life and responses which will last long beyond the course.

Coming in the New Year, 2022, we have our NEW group coaching course, “Claim Back your Power and Freedom while Healing from Narcissistic Relationships.” Discover how in just 8 weeks you can begin to heal those hidden ‘broken’ aspects of yourself as the first step in creating a strong foundation needed for the years ahead.

However, once you learn the lessons these types of relationships have provided, you can then heal to a depth you may not have known existed.  And gain momentum in life that has always been waiting for you, full of confidence, courage and desire to create a new way of being, new lifestyle, whatever you choose.  Break the thoughts and old memories that keep attracting your worst nightmare!!

Discover how Claim Back Your Power & Freedom from Narcissistic Relationships is an 8-week group coaching course. Designed to guide you on the path to real and deep healing from toxic, manipulative, narcissistic relationships.

This course will show you how to:

  • Identify if you are in a toxic relationship and show you how to navigate or potentially end it.
  • Release ties and cords to free yourself from other toxic relationships.
  • Stop living and pleasing for the expectations of others and recalibrate to your own needs.
  • Heal to the core and permanently release patterns that do not serve you, using different energy processes and practices.
  • Embrace self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Learn to connect back and trust yourself, your inner guidance system to be your own most reliable and consistent ally.

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone who would like to understand the signs and traits of narcissists and the impact they have on relationships
  • Someone who feels undervalued, unheard, or marginalized and wants to connect with their higher self and belief system for greater happiness and satisfaction in life.
  • People that are currently, or were, in a relationship with a narcissist and are looking to heal from the experience.
  • Individuals who want guidance on navigating or ending a toxic relationship with self-love and confidence.
  • Anyone who would like to reveal their most valuable pieces of themselves to gain the clarity and strength to be heard and get the attention they deserve in all aspects of their life.
  • Persons looking to restore themselves from the impact of an unhealthy relationship, past or present.
  • Those who want to avoid developing unbalanced and destructive dynamics in their current or future relationships.
  • Men and women who would like to practice mindfulness and self-love techniques to gain a better understanding of themselves, feel empowered, and step into their individuality.

Get ready to break free of toxic relationships, master your FAWN trauma responses and connect with your deeper emotions, get a deeper understanding of the expanded version of your experiences with all the tools you need in every aspect of your life.

If this calls your heart and body, please connect with me to show your interest.  I will be having a 90-minute webinar to share what is planned.  Please reply by email if you would like a personal invitation. It’s time to Claim back your Power and Freedom to really live the life you had dreamed of!

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