If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?

We have been taught and programmed that we have failed, we have made a big mistake in our past which puts fear into our energetic field not to go there again – Not to play full out! not to tempt or take risks for fear of what happened last time. There is no mistake ever – only learning!

This time at present, until May 7th a huge energetic portal is open, it is like a Soul Shopping Centre – Spiritual – Soul University; it is open to you to get clear on what you want, need, direction and guidance for your destiny.

Time to unhook, unlock, unshackle the past “mistakes”, “grievances”, “holding on to the past”, find it – heal it, make peace and release it – forgive self and others now step forward with your message, talent and gift to become who you were born to be!

We all have choices, so if you choose to the follow my lead, my Soul mentoring, my Soul Guidance to where your Soul Freedom is waiting for you to collect, to live it!

There is no mistakes in nature and you are part of nature yourself. The only mistake is not knowing that soul, life, universe was testing you in the “school of life”. what did you learn? How and what not to do? How did it feel? How to get stronger, better than your last effort?

You only ever compare yourself to yourself, allow you to get strong, more confident in your own abilities in whatever pursuit. Allow you to find your tribe, where what you do and how you do it is accepted, is acknowledged, appreciated and valued!

What you have to offer is required somewhere, you just have to find it – jigsaw puzzle of life.

Even the ugly duckling was beauty in the wrong place until her kind, her family, tribe found her.

So, if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? What or who is stopping you from doing it?

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