Never heard of the ‘FAWN’ Trauma Response?  

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Personal challenges throughout our lives impact the way we perceive and behave in the world because, when you’ve experienced pain, hurt, and trauma, it can cause you to react in unhealthy ways and be unable to stop.

These reactions are a natural fear response to protect yourself but may have developed turbulent and negative patterns that are destructive — including self-sabotage, self-punishment, addictions, relationship issues, avoidance patterns, or lack of control in your behaviors.

However, it’s important to be aware that unprocessed emotions from difficult experiences have a huge impact on your physical, emotional, and especially, mental health. It’s only when you decide to focus on self-healing that YOU, and YOU alone, can transform pain and negative patterns, reignite your passion for living, and reconstruct a sense of wholeness.

Healing this Fawn Trauma Response, which is the strongest of all, fight, flight & freeze, bring healthy joy and freedom to all your relationships, a reconnection to your divine purpose, and deep inner peace.  You definitely NEED a coach or mentor to help you navigate the powerful mindset the Fawn TR has taken control of.  CPTSD, PTSD are conditions caught in the web of the Fawn trauma response.

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Fawn Trauma Response is an addictive pre-programmed pattern and identity, you are reliving the childhood trauma with adult personalities involved.  The amygdala and reptilian part of the brain has been hijacked and will not set you free, always keeping you in fear.

Its main role is to keep you safe, at any cost, it is hard-wired into the nervous system, so anything that feels unsafe, unsure of, or perceived as dangerous is out of limits for you.  Anxiety becomes a way of life.

You are programmed to stay in the people-pleasing, peace-keeper, and serving others role, Fawn TR believes you still are that little child and does not realize you are the adult wanting what is rightfully yours.

Fawn TR keeps defaulting us, automatically, back into the old ‘unresolved’ childhood trauma, so while we are trying to make adult decisions with a fearful childhood memory in charge, it is never going to change, we will never win, we will never be free.  Until now!

                                                                                                                                                                    The ‘From Fawn to Fearless Program’, A lion with its eyes closed

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unpacks the lies, illusions, and hidden agendas the Fawn trauma response has created by learning to master this old programming and finding the key to unlock the door from the inside (you already have the key). It was developed to assist in teaching clients and students to regain their power and live life on their terms with peace, freedom, happiness from within, and abundance.

You will then be ultimately stepping out of the old protective comfort zone into your freedom and the life you desire which has always been waiting for you.   The program covers all areas where you are controlled, voice, visibility, self-value, vision, vulnerability, vigilance, and finally victory over the mind, which is controlled by the Fawn Trauma Response.

Click for more information on the amazing From Fawn to Fearless program starting very soon.

From Fawn to Fearless Program is learning a new language (of the body wisdom, Soul, Divine Intelligence) to turn the Fawn gatekeeper into your ally and dragon friend. working with you and not against you.

It shares how the Fawn Trauma Response complex has been able to take over and control your life, what it’s triggers are, and what control programming is made up of.  You get to experience, explore, release and learn a different way of living without the fear attached to everything, absorbed in the nervous system (monitors all over your energy system reporting back to base).

The Inner Child Healing is the best option for your story to finally end the full control it has had all your life, strongly linked to the remote control of your mother.

The Fawn to Fearless program is normally priced for the 9 weeks at $1399, the early-bird discount is $997 (until  6th May), and the next course commences, on 9th May 2022.

Click for more information on the amazing From Fawn to Fearless program starting very soon.

Here’s what others have said about the program.

“The program has allowed me to understand and consciously uncover and now change the patterns, habits and behaviors of this Fawn complex which have been running my life and ruining some parts of it unconsciously and autonomically for so many years.

It has allowed me to consciously notice and feel when I’m not included in activities with family, social and business where in the past I was voiceless, unseen and unworthy.  The confidence I have gained, within the sacred supportive energy, now allows me the courage to speak up and to be included where once I was seemingly shy or a background supporter.  I am now receiving more social invitations as well”. Kerry, Brisbane

“I had realised where in the past I had sacrificed my time to say yes to family requests, while I forfeited and missed out on social time with my friends.  I had noticed the ripple effect of my saying yes to family out of over-responsibility pleasing which meant letting down my friends socially as well as myself. I’ve now learned to respond rather than feel guilted into saying yes, when I need to say no. It’s a new Fearless agreement in my rule book for my future.

I’ve also had the courage to speak up to people who have been rude, offensive or taken advantage of my kindness, where normally I am never confident, just suppress my feelings and try to forget about it.  As Bernie teaches, the body doesn’t lie, and the suppression affects my health in many other ways, not anymore.” Tina, Gatton

“I feel I’m not so defensive in conversations and I am not attached to outcomes that I once was which means more freedom and openness for new friendships and business opportunities.  I am able to ask for help without feeling guilted, feeling less than or feeling that I should be able to do this myself.  I trust myself more as well as trusting others towards me, allowing myself to receive from others instead of only giving.

Fawn to Fearless programme has helped me to understand how I’ve become and why I behave this way, it’s given me the guidance and assistance to undo and untangle this old way of life and to create a new foundational path. The Fearless group along with Bernie‘s leadership and guidance has allowed me to feel safe and secure, sharing personal information.  I received all the encouragement and support I needed to face, heal and replace my old beliefs and limitations which had held me back for so long.”  Sondre, Melbourne

If this speaks to your heart, book a call or click for more information.  It’s never too late to start your life, begin today. When you realize how this Fawn trauma response complex hijacks your life, (which you will discover and begin to make the changes while on the course) it gives you a new lease on life and you can then move beyond all limitations so far in your life.

Click for more information on the amazing From Fawn to Fearless program starting very soon.

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