Did you ever have a dream as a child, which has not been fulfilled?

Perhaps you were told you would not achieve it? You haven’t got what it takes? You aren’t smart or clever enough to get there?

Were there times in your past that you were successful, courageous, outspoken and want it back? Something, a circumstance or someone closed this positive energy down? or made you fear something? I have heard including myself “I used to be so confident” or “I lost my confidence… ”

This is all energy, negative or positive, energy does not get lost, it has merely been locked in or locked out of your sight and senses – until you access it again.

Example: As a young child you are asked or coaxed “If you are good, you will get…” Most times you are good but the reward does not come. The Mind Genie stores it in an Emotional Bank Account. Our Mind Genie is so clever it puts a “meaning” to that memory and if its a negative emotional meaning, it blocks your senses. Each time the similar memory comes forward in your adult life you will trigger the mind genies bank account. If it is a positive emotion, you will attract the “positive” reward, if it is a negative emotion – “No you wont, you don’t deserve, you’re not worthy” you will attract the negative reward of nothing, sadness, struggle and lack.

The soul is asking you to go within, back to that original memory to change it. Only you can do this for yourself. When it changes, so do your senses and your mind-genie, begins creating new experiences for the law of positive attraction. Your energy back account increases, creating more wealth, health and happiness in your life by your mind-genie.

The hardest lesson we all need to learn is that we have the power within us to undo, unbecome, and uncover the lies we were told by adults we looked up to in our past. Starting as soon as you realize after reading this, travel back in time to your past, 10 years, 20 years even longer to a memory that comes to your mind now. Journal the thoughts out, what happened, who was there, what did you take on back then? which is not true now?

As the adult self talking to your younger self, what would you say to him/her? what wisdom, knowledge or understand would you give them? you are very good at this because you give the best advice to others, not realizing this same advice is the key to unlocking your self made prison.

The lack of not fulfilling your dreams and goals, for not unleashing your inner power and intuition can manifest in issues with weight, health, money or relationships. Getting your attention in different ways, in your current life.

Self doubts, self sabotaging, inner critical self and judgemental self get louder and stronger within your mind-genie. Overshadowing your intuition, your soul purpose here on earth. The same closed doors appear regularly, the same let downs, struggle, lack and pain are regular visitors in your daily life.

It does get better, it is a road back to recovery if you choose to. Taking one step one piece of life and each day rebuilding the life your soul has for you.

Here is my story – If I can do it so can you!

I was always going to write a book of my clients case studies from wrath and ruin to rising phoenix’s to standing, shining, tall and proud. Soul showed me a different way by unravelling my personal story to give hope to many souls out there searching for the light and love to rise higher, be seen, be heard, be healthy and happy – all with your own hands, heart and being.

My next online coaching class starts on Monday 18th June. Click on the link to get started.

Let me help you reach that energy bank account and draw on the wealth that exists within it. Allowing you to receive what your soul has for your.

Bernie Giggins
The Soul Awakener.