Fear of not being Safe to be the real me!

Feeling orphaned/adopted in your childhood

Feeling Hopeless, Still in your adult life

Feeling that your Not Strong

Feeling You don’t know, Can’t be and Don’t have Enough!

Feeling you’ve been  given or taken the wrong path or direction in life

Dislike being told what to do – Because I’ve been told what I can and cant do as a kid! Not heard for me!

Being conditioned into ‘acceptance’ of other peoples rules and regulations. Not heard for me!

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Bernie Giggins

You Can Not Give From a Broken or Empty Cup!

Overcoming Emotional Neglect

It’s ok to be the ‘Real’ me

I am safe and divinely protected to be me.

I accept and love all parts of me, all the parts other people would not like or allow about me.

I am safe and divinely guided to receive full, all abundance, my soul has for me.

I am loved unconditionally by the divine, the universe and me!

I already have enough, know enough, am enough to step into my true soul purpose and path.

I am ready for Grace’s soul mission for me, I am safe, my Laurie is safe, my kids and grandkids are safe, protected and loved me to do what my Soul needs me to do.

Lead, Teach, Support, Undo!

Bernie Giggins

Nadine Burke Harris At TEDMED – How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.

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