Welcome to March and the Pisces energy update. 

The new moon in Pisces will bring positive energy — and big opportunities, so There’s good reason to feel optimistic this week.

We had an amazing New Moon manifesting meditation on the 3rd of the 3rd month, 2022, which was in Pisces, another powerful ceremony received by everyone who attended. As well, Pisces is at the end of the zodiac, which is closing another year for us all, so much came through the meditation, endings of cycles, paradigms, and opening into new realms, if we are open to them and if we choose to accept them. Below is the Pisces energy which I shared in the ceremony.

Hopefully, you can join me, us for the next full or new moon ceremony.  If you would like more information, please email me or book a Discovery call with me.

Pisce’s New Moon energy

As the new moon falls into darkness it Is time to embrace the fluid movement of the Pisces new moon as you welcome change and the renewal as the current shifts allowing you to bring to light some of the deeper shifts that you have been working through.

It is time to let the waves wash over and cleanse the soul allowing you to come into the presence of your soul purpose, there is a reconnection occurring that meets with fate and a crossroads of choice is presented that opens up the destined path that opens a portal of possibilities. There is a window offering expansion to your inner vision that allows you to see what was not previously seen before.

This time can be very emotional as you rectify and see the truth of what has long been hidden, huge expansion, and freedom is here, remain open to see all. This moon as well as other planetary placements is set to shake things up in unconventional ways offering solutions and liberated moves. Dramatic statement and vision fire up passion that will allow you to make moves you once thought not possible.

Harness the power of Pisces and allow any sadness to flow through you without attachment, what is occurring is freeing you from old versions of yourself you have absorbed and embodied as your own that are just not true. You are freeing yourself from heaviness for the light to shine through the old pain of the storyline that has been overseeing your view and perception and is ready to be lifted, for you to harness the full impact you can have on the world in your authentic truth alone.


The storm and chaos that surrounds the collective are being felt, creating a haze and disorientation in many areas of your life. As lightworkers you are transmuting so much density, darkness, and pain that extend beyond your service work.


This can flow onto creating disruption in your personal life if you cannot define the difference. Take time to clear and come back to self-daily, allowing you to return to your heart and your energy.  You are not going backward rather you are assisting in ways that are not visible to you. Don’t lose yourself in the illusion but rather remain open to the magic that offers a way through.

As you work with the Piscean energy, you are between two worlds one that is bringing forth renewed light, waiting to shower you with many blessings and hope and a vision of the future months that is offering you a glimpse of the open paths as you stand between worlds.

Pisces is the portal between heaven and the earth, the bridge that allows you to witness the true spirit and divine being you are. It reaches beyond the earth and the mystical nature of Pisces allows you to dream vividly showing you that there is always more than what you see. This 12th house energy of spiritual service, the unseen and Mystical truth is opening your eyes to your greatness, and the vast existence of your soul.

Take some time to connect with your deepest truth, to see what lies beyond, and to take the steps that are less logical and more heart-based. You have come so far, and this month brings completion too long drawn out cycles if you are willing to remain receptive rather than reactive. Trust in your higher self and be ready to adapt the force of the current of the beautiful oceanic power that Pisces bring through.

Be prepared for anything. This is a soul revolution, a birthing, and ignition of the power of your soul ready to emerge from the depths of the murky waters and into crystal clear reflection of the sun against the water, the calm after the storm.

Ancient Beings are present walking alongside you are awakening deeper soul urges, wisdom, and truth that lays beyond the surface. Allow yourself to be swept in the currents of new beginnings as new paths open for you, this is bigger than you and yet it will begin with you saying YES to your soul and being unafraid of change this will bring.

Find faith in the promise of a new start. Now is the time to find the courage to shift anything that no longer feels aligned with who you are and where you are going. This is your road, your journey and spirit now walk with you.

Let me know how this resonates with you and your journey in life so far?