Astrology, Your Path to Freedom




Astrology, Your Path to Freedom

Understanding the astrological meaning of the planets and their influence is much more than a way to help you make decisions. It is a reflection of who you are. It is an unbiased description of the truths about yourself, soul, spirit and your needs that you may (or may not) allow yourself to recognize. 

Seven benefits of astrology guidance:

  • The ability to define the beginning, middle and end of a cycle, a time period of development or a challenging time. In turn, this lets us know what steps to take next. In other words, astrology indicates the purpose of a time and the task that goes with that purpose. 
  • When we know the planetary season, we know the task at hand, and in knowing that, we know what action to take. Astrology shows us how to take creative and productive actions to solve our issues and change our lives.
  • It can reveal damaging behavioural patterns or forewarn you of upcoming challenges. 
  • It can help you pinpoint latent talents you may possess and provide you with specific hints on how to best develop them. 
  • The stars can show you the path to your highest self.
  • Astrology can also point out expansive, rewarding trends that are coming up and assist you in figuring out how to take advantage of them before they fade. 
  • Finally, astrology is an excellent means to determine the perfect timing for certain actions.

Astrology plays an important role in your day-to-day life. Similar to listening to the weather forecasts as to what to wear, planning events, assists you in being as prepared as you can be with mother nature, Astrology can also prepare and support you in daily, weekly, yearly living.

Every planet is either in direct motion on its journey around the sun or in retrograde.  When planets enter into a retrograde is a big change from a planet’s normal path of travel, and therefore signifies a change from its normal ruling. By paying attention to these passages of time, you can avoid unseen pitfalls by waiting until the planet is back on its normal path before moving forward with pending ideas or projects. Retrogrades are always great for – Review, Repair, Retrain, Reset, Reflect, Remove, Release, etc.

While Full moons are about completions, emptying out, debriefing and decluttering, the New Moon is about manifesting, incubating, bringing into your vision what you want to create, to bring to fruition.

I have always held Full and New Moon ceremonies every 2 weeks and witnessed changes for the participants, but we need to keep the moon & planet energies stoked, like a fire throughout the month.  

This prompted me to starting a new Monthly group, by attending the Full and New moon on their defined dates, and in between holding Monday night Forums, 6-7pm.

The Monday night forums assist you with the planetary alignments required for the Full or New Moon just past.  For example, at present we are the in between week of super full moon in Sagittarius, 14th June, the Winter Solstice 21st June, then leading up to the new moon in Cancer, 29th June. 

This may sound like a foreign language, but it is coded for what your soul and spirit require.  At present, today, we continue using the energy influence from the Sagittarius full moon, as well, the Winter solstice and the Saturn retrograding energy of the season.  A bit like holding the baton while running in life and then handing it over to the next part of the moon phase and phase of our life.  

    • Sagittarius represents adventure, be bold in truth-telling & decision making, it’s free-spirited, likes to extend its boundaries to explore and experience life, etc.  
  • Saturn Retrograde represents karma, integrity, self-discipline, self-responsibility, applying yourself in your spiritual and soul path, etc.  Linked to 1993, 1964 & 1935
  • Cancer represents the drive to set ambitious goals and initiate big picture projects. its a chance to touch base with your heart, spirit, and inner world, with self-reflective practices.

Astrology and Your Future Freedom – Watch with pen and paper, as I let you know which planets and retrogrades are influencing at present, what you need to do and what is next.

Webinar replay – Click to watch:      

You may be the star player in your story, but you are not a lone traveller. Your life is interwoven into the astrology book of how the planets rotate, retrograde, connect to others, and always illuminate your path.  

Take a front seat and find out how astrology is already working in the background of your life, bumping and creating havoc because you’re not aware of using it’s FREE magic and power to support you. 

Commencing 6-7pm, Monday 4th July, “Astrology, Your Path to Freedom” 

  • Four times a month, ceremonies and forums, meditations, information sharing, manifesting, planning, playing, dreaming, celebrating.

You will need 2 x A4 books:

  • Journal – recording your changes, challenges, goal setting.
  • Gratitude – recording the changes & growth.
  • Creating your own astrology reference book

You will receive: 

  • emails,
  • zoom links & recordings, 
  • homework prompts, 
  • support and encouragement,
  • celebrations.

Normally the sessions are $27.50, by paying in advance it is $75. Buy 3 and get the 4th free. Saving $35                     Click this Astrology, Your Path to Freedom link to buy……………………………………


New Moon   Cancer 29th June 6-7pm Retrograde – Saturn, Neptune
Monday  Forum 4th July 
Full Moon Capricorn 14th July
Monday  Forum 18th July
New Moon   Leo 29th July
Monday  Forum 1st August
Full Moon Aquarius 12th August
Monday  Forum 15th August
New Moon   Virgo 27th August
Monday  Forum 29th August
Full Moon
Monday  Forum
New Moon  
Monday  Forum
Full Moon