Healing Circle




During each week we will 

The purpose of the Sacred Circle:

  • Welcomed into a loving, supportive, protected and safe space where each person is respected and honoured for your journey.
  • Feel safe, speak, express their feelings and emotions needing support for.  Being mindful and respecting to take your turn and portion of time. 
  • Share your experiences, while also hearing others, with compassion, understanding and unconditional love.
  • Receive healing, wisdom, knowledge and new empowered practices
  • Developing healing skills & gaining healing practices
  • Deepening our own personal work 
  • Contribute your energy to the sacred circle, to not only give but also to receive in equal amounts.
  • Addressing problems which arise when working with the Inner Child and Mother Wound Healing – including working through grief, fear, uncertainty, bullying, intimidation, abandonment, neglect, mother wounds. 
  • There are set topics for each week to work through in your time, by connecting with an Oracle card 
  • Participate in healing ceremonies, meditations, affirmations building and daily practises to implement and improve your life.

The ‘Rise & Shine Brighter’ Sacred Circle will start on March 2nd  Tuesday at 6.30 pm, Qld time. It is $333 early bird or $399 full price.  The recorded zoom calls are 90 minutes.  

This is the perfect time to join the Sacred Circle of Rise & Shine Brighter. 

The astrology is always here to assist our evolvement at the Soul level, to learn what we need to so as to serve in our Soul Purpose mission here on earth.

This urge to free expression of voice may challenge our inner shadows, our dark side, our inner child memories.  
Highlighting where you may be sabotaging your full creative expression and calling you to bring healing to these deep wounding from the inside-out.  Planet Chiron is supporting us to do this with unconditional love and compassion towards self.

Do your words to others reflect your TRUE feelings?

Or do you use words that are pleasing to others and not really reflective of your truest beliefs/desires/inner-most feelings?    

the suppressive lid of control has been pried wide open, and there is now NO LIMIT to the beauty, awe, & sweetness that can be both woven into and reciprocally experienced within the world. 

Learning new skills like being energetically present and standing in your power takes time for it to become second nature. your invitation is to be gentle and kind to yourself and stay curious about what can happen when you use these new skills in the next coming weeks.

Trusting that you will enjoy the inquiry all of this sacred healing circle and how this can create a pathway to even deeper prosperity healing and harmony in your life.

We are not here to fix heal change or save another person in the group, we are here for our own self and healing, connecting to that part that is still wounded from the past. be that mother wounds, Where in your life are you hiding from the world for fear of not being liked or accepted?  

  • Are you worried about being publicly ridiculed or humiliated if your truth is not the same as others?  People pleasers be-ware, this will trigger you.

Whilst communicating your truth can be confronting, the astrology….. will help you discover that the TRUTH really does set you free. 

Speaking your truth is in fact one of the most courageous acts of self-love you can gift yourself.  Letting go of the facade, the masks, the story of others feels like a giant suppressive lid of control has been pried wide open, and there is now NO LIMIT to the beauty, awe, & sweetness that can be both woven into and reciprocally experienced within the world. 

Whilst communicating your truth can be confronting, this Full Moon Eclipse will help you discover that the TRUTH really does set you free.  

bullying neglect trauma, this is a safe protected loving and supportive space for you 2 begin or continue your healing journey.

blessings and unconditional love to you, from my heart and soul to yours,




Rise and shine brighter healing circle 90 minutes 

welcome introductions grounding 

checking in and sharing the week that has gone the previous week 

fire ceremony releasing energetic attachments for the past week 

What I need for the week Topic for this week   – inner goddess Oracle cards 


healing ritual practise 

Emotions this week –  affirmation / essential oil 

gratitude Journal 

new habit for the week 

reward for myself 

letter writing expressing what you need to say and to who, that is coming up for you this next week bring to circle the following week for the fire ceremony