SOUL Coaching® Program


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SOUL Coaching® is a way to enrich your life by reaching into your core, feeling into your gut knowing, truly speaking your own truth with your own voice. You will learn what makes you tick and why. Learning your why is how you learn to know what you need and connecting to your own Soul and guidance during these 28 days stays with you forever.

Soul Coaching® is a program taken over a period of 28 consecutive days, working with each of the elements, focusing on decluttering your mind emotionally. Working through the mindsets holding you back from leading the life you feel you should be and clearing the clutter from your physical space.

By delving into Ancient Sacred Wisdom and working with the elements of AIR (mental), Water (emotions) Fire (Soul/Spirit) and Earth (physical) you will learn your TRUTH, connect with your Soul on a deeper level, bringing true joy to your life.

The program helps you understand how you arrived in the place you currently live in on an emotional level, to reconnect with your OWN SELF, learning how to HONOUR and FULFIL your life.

We all have commitments with family, work and social engagements. Life in general can be hectic and out of balance. For some of us it is simply just out of balance.

Each day of the program has three levels of activities, you can choose which level you play at each day. Many people chose to play all out by doing all three levels.

  • Level 1 – this is where you Commit to Change by doing Level 1 exercises. The time involved is up to 30 minutes for Level 1
  • Level 2 – at this level you chose to Go for it by doing both Level 1 and Level 2 exercises – Time involved for Level 2 is 30 – 60 minutes
  • Level 3 – includes doing Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, we call this Playing Full Out. The time involved for Level 3 is up to you

It is your choice the time you devote, and at which level you play at each of the 28 days. It is suggested the first two to three days of the first element AIR, be played at Playing Full Out level as this is where the decluttering begins.

The SOUL Coaching® Program has been put together with the modern-day world in mind, and the intention to support you to find the balance in life you seek.

The program helps you look into your inner knowing, learn about yourself, understand and connect with your dislikes, and gives your Soul what it truly needs.

You begin to live without clutter and live with FREEDOM in all aspects of your life.

RE-TELLING YOUR STORY – everyone has a past, everyone has a story, so why not learn about your story so far. By doing the 28 Day SOUL Coaching® Program you learn what your Soul needs to live a fulfilled life on your own terms. Creating wonderful moments and experiences, creating your story to tell forevermore, one you are proud and confident.  Be the hero/heroine of your own journey, it is a life-changing decision.


  • 28 Day SOUL Coaching® Program
  • Course material provided for all four Elements on a weekly basis
  • ONE on ONE Support for the 28-day program
  • Weekly personal sessions (duration 1.5 hours) to discuss how you are feeling, your experiences and outcomes
  • Introduction to the Element you will work with for the next seven days
  • Going on a Soul Journeys

On completion of the 28-day program, you will receive Additional QUEST week material to solidify the 28 day Journey you have travelled.

Meditation audios by renowned author, healer, and founder of SOUL Coaching® Denise Linn.

Gift packs in addition for each weekly session for the elements of AIR, WATER, EARTH and FIRE.