Scarcity of Abundance.

At present in life, I have heard so many people talk about “no money”, “I’m broke” or “I don’t have not enough money?”  It was really getting my attention because of so many conversations with other people, on the radio and TV, like it was an epidemic being spread around and everyone catching it? Drought, debts, cyber debts, thieving, stealing, hacking?  Listening to the conversations and stories I had to ask myself if this was my energy to hold onto or was I taking on the collective consciousness of debt and scarcity of society?  The more I heard and read, I started to think the same regarding my own finances, which eventually slowed down my income within weeks, until I did the following steps.

When we get caught up in the whirlpool of collective society consciousness in a specific area or subject, it is difficult to cut yourself free.  It’s like getting caught in a rip at the ocean, the more you struggle the quicker the ocean takes you away from the safety of the shore.

1.     First step is to watch when a trend begins, once or twice is ok but anything that is three or more, soul is giving you notice to watch and stop.

2.     Second step is to close your eyes and ask yourself, “Is this my energy or someone else’s?  If it is mine, ‘I ask for strength to see the lesson I need to learn and the power to change what I need to so as I can move forward”.  If this is not my lesson or energy, “I ask to released from it and send it back to source”.  Imagine it being changed from negative to positive, wrapped in love and sent back to source.  Breathing in love and light within your heart space and breathing out love and light to the universe, helping shift the negative energy back to source.  You are now helping the universe cleanse the ‘germ’ from spreading.

3.     Third step is to become the “word police’.   Being conscious of your language and then acting to changing your thoughts and speech can really change your life. Shifting negative thoughts and words will change this into positive and uplifting energy, a new magnetic forcefield.  What you think is what you become!

Old to new conscious language;

·        “I never have enough money” becomes “I am creative in making ends meet”.

·        “I am (always) broke” becomes “I am becoming financially resourceful.”

·        “I am depressed about money” becomes “I am a little down about money, at present”.

·        “I am exhausted” becomes “I am recharging”

·        “I have too much to do” becomes “I am expanding my horizons or I’m seeing what I am capable of” or “How can I delegate and trust to others?”

·        “I am good” becomes “I am excellent or I’m awesome”.

·        “I always” becomes “I sometimes or I choose to”

Your full affirmation is “I love and accept who I am and who I am is enough”. Amen!  Write it on a sticky note and repeat several times.

4.     Fourth step – Now observe the language YOU use regarding abundance.  Do you use empowering or disempowering language when talking about yourself, your life, and especially your abundance?  For example: maybe you know someone who uses the phrase, “We are poor but happy.”  Or “We have enough to meet our needs.” It’ s like having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, your mind-genie gets confused, the thought or feeling with the most energy wins?  Make it a game to catch yourself or ask a friend to help you and begin changing your language to a new magnetic attracting energy.

Let me know how you went with this exercise afterwards and in the following weeks? 

We have the power to change and influence the world, beginning with ourselves.


Bernie Giggins – The Soul Awakener
Inner Child Harmony Coaching