Most people stay in their safe, secure, small comfort zone, Are you one of them?

They smile on the outside and scream on the inside. They say “yes” when they really want to say “no”.

They move on to the next thing when they really want to just stop and cry for a few moments. People pleasers, empaths, fixers, rescuers, peacekeepers are known for their living in their comfort zones but coming out to fix, rescue, save other people, and never themselves.

They don’t pursue their passion or joy when that’s their heart’s desire. They push down the resentment rather than have the tough conversation, ‘No means No!’.

We stay where it’s “safe & secure” even though it’s sometimes a warzone within. And our life gets smaller. Discomfort and fear are your daily existence, but discomfort is also the path to all of your dreams.

All of the things you want in your life are on the other side of fear and discomfort.

You must also know that fear, anxiety, and discomfort can look the same, all tricks of the Protector Controller mind. And they’re not a reason to stop. Instead, they’re a reason to GO for it, put your foot down, just do it.

Please know that the closer you get to breaking through, achieving, receiving, relaxing, the LOUDER the fears yell, the more roadblocks, and challenges are created by your Protector Controller Mind. “I don’t deserve’, ‘I’m not worthy, ‘I’m not capable, ‘I’m not enough’ all autocued, scripted, and repeated through the loud-speaker of your own inner critic, to stop you from achieving your freedom.

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do but have let fear & discomfort stop you? (What will people say or think about me? Is an enslaved thought pattern)
What’s something you know you need to do but have let fear or anxiety deter you?

Be willing to feel discomfort. And then go and do the thing anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway, as they say!

We think we need to wait until the fear subsides before we take action.
And guess what, then our life is over and all we have left is the regrets of not doing, not being, not saying what it is we wanted many years ago.  We stay stunted, small, fearful, safe, and secure, at what cost??  Have you ever read the Top 10 Regrets of the Dying? These are the exact same regrets 93% of elderly have every single day on their deathbeds, let alone any younger people.

Being willing to ‘feel’ these negative emotions is the path to growth. I don’t know if fear ever goes away. FEAR is supposed to be there! Because 3% of the time it’s legit, but the other 97% of the time it is just our brain’s attempt (Fawn trauma response) at keeping us in the safe, secure, protective cave or state.

Get out of the cave and do the thing or say what you’ve been wanting to say, go for what you want, the fewer regrets you have at the end.   Bring fear, anxiety, and discomfort along for the ride. Just put them in the backseat, with the seatbelt on, so they can’t do more damage than they have already with your life.

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Astrology update – We are in the Pisces season. There is so much suppressed energy coming up for release before we step into a new cycle on March the 21st, you have spiritually been preparing for this, you will be ok, just go with the flow. This energy can feel like Mercury retrogrades energy, it can bring out your deepest and darkest emotions, the Shadow side of us.

You may have the past revisiting, memories you thought were completed are showing up in different ways. Know that you are stronger now than ever before and these memories know that this is the time for deep inner healing and trust that you can heal, release and move forward with confidence freedom, and new wisdom.

This is also the time when your intuition, spiritual and earthly, is sharper than ever, trust the messages that you receive and take action on it.

  • Trust your spiritual senses, take it easy this season by going into your heart space, find your calm and embrace your emotions.
  • Work on self-healing your Inner Child and the past.
  • Give yourself more love than you have ever given yourself before.
  • Flow with this energy and remember that tears are healing waters for your Soul and Inner Child.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, the universe is supporting you at this time.


Loving regards,


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