The lessons we teach best are those we’ve learned.

Bernie (Bernadette) Giggins has taken that message to heart, choosing to focus her practice on helping others to release the results of childhood neglect, abuse and bullying that are brought forward into adulthood. As she says, you become what you believe – and if that old negative belief is buried deep in you subconscious fro childhood, or even a past life, then it is on automatic overdrive to magnetically come through your experiences until cleared. Coming from her own personal heartache and a traumatic childhood of bullying and sexual abuse she personally understands on a soul level how to energetically clear the subconscious programming, patterns and health problems.she will assist you to re-connect to your missing fun, laughter, abundance, lost dreams, inner peace and freedom to begin again.

Are you always looking for approval, acceptance, purpose, healing, inner peace, or love and either never finding it or, if you do, losing it again? These are all signs of hidden negative core beliefs. Bernie has a very poignant analogy. Sometimes gardeners tie a wire around a young tree, perhaps to help support it by attaching it to a stake when it is young. If the wire is not removed, the tree will continue to grow, however there will be constriction where the wire binds it which prevents the full possibility of nutrient flow and growth. As these trees, we can be prevented from achieving our full potential because the bands of negative core beliefs will not allow fun, laughter, and joy to bubble up and lighten our journey.

Bernie has a wealth of metaphysical knowledge, life experience, and professional development to coach you through the process of reconnecting and expressing your soul truth. She is an Advanced Soul Coach®, Past Life Coaching Practitioner, Inner Child Whisperer, Visionary Intuitive Practitioner, Journey Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer, and Reiki Master. She is known as the ‘Wounded Inner Child Whisperer’ and her natural talents have helped clear many traumatized souls of differing ages, of their past subconscious programming and back into conscious living in the present moment with amazing results. She prides herself in being able to help others to access where the wounded child resides within the body, giving the child and adult, a voice for soul and cellular transformational change to take place. You become the loving parent of your own inner child, integrating the pieces into someone able to love life fully, without regrets.

Bernie offers personal, group, and skype sessions, distance healing, and various types of workshops.
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