Are you letting go?  Are you feeling lighter and free-er?  Are your senses clearer with hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling & intuition?
Or are you feeling squeezed – contained?  Are you digging your heels in? Please get out of your head, ego-mind and trust the universe to take over.

It is time to LOVE self, all your own self. This is a take a breather time energetically, time to Love your journey, Love your challenges, Love your wins, Love your past, Love your present and Love your future.
It’s time to tap or plug back into the Divine Life Force of Love energy.  Be aware your ego-mind and lower self, feels it can control and keep you away from purest LOVE, but you have a will and a choice. Choose LOVE. Breathe, take a breath and take in what has occurred over the past 9 months, 9 years.
We are growing maturing and are so much stronger from all the personal responsibility we have each just gone through and are still going through. Soul is pushing us, and our heart is being awakened and wanting to know what is next. Your heart and soul are like a little kid, what’s next?  What’s next?  With such eagerness and excitement.  Whereas the head, ego-mind silently says, ‘Caution! Safety First! We can’t go there; we can’t do that – it’s not safe!!’ And you must obey the superior mind chatter. Yin (feminine, heart) against Yang (Masculine, head), squabbling, bickering as to who is right or wrong.  It makes your energy and life out of balance (like an out of balance washing machine) Let both sides become a set of scales – coming back into balance at the right time, goes up when needs to, goes down when it needs to and then back to balance – flow and harmony. It’s Just right! as Goldilocks said who found some food, chairs, beds in a strange little house in the woods, one day.

Time to look over your past, 9 months, 9 years or 9 x 9 x 9 x 9.  What has been changing, coming, going, throwing, catching, growing? Look as the sacred wise observer over your life.
Have you been belted or bullied around? Have you been the empath by putting other people’s needs first and yours last, have you been giving so much out, never receiving anything or little back?
If these are some of your symptoms, then you are an empath, which has become or soon will be an addiction on you. At first empathic identities can ‘turn off’ the ‘On duty/call’ switch but at some stage of your life the switch was “hotwired’ to the ‘on’ permanently. You cannot get out of this ‘empathic energetic presence’ without help from an experienced energy healer.

The empathic energetic presence outwardly displays, like a billboard, ‘take advantage of me’, ‘use me’, ‘I am a consistent giver’, ‘not asking for a return’ – this what an addicted empathic identity has created in your energy field, it’s taken over your freedom and any positive boundary you possessed.  What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine, is the energy of the outside person to you! Your own health, time, abundance, love and emotions then suffer, at the mercy of others external to you. It is like a spell or drugs, only this is an invisible mental and emotional “drug”. Once locked in, your true authentic voice is muted and only the ‘empathic ‘But I’ll do it” voice comes through. Yes! I’m sick But I’ll do it.  I’m struggling myself But I’ll do it. I don’t have the time, money, patience BUT I’ll do it, I will find it for you. Does this sound familiar to you, I’m hoping it does and you read on.

When you can take time to step back from your life as the ‘Sacred Wise Observer’, you realise how many times you have been duped, done, never to have that time, money, health, energy, love again. Also, how many years have you been under that spell? You can always make up for the time lost, when you decide to seek help to change or disconnect. You will not be making up for the past as that is another side effect of the empathic vampire identity. It is seeing the past, taking the lessons learnt from the soul teachers sent to us and there were many, then giving forgiveness to self, because you didn’t know any better, the right role model was not there to assist or guide you, and most times you could not trust others with your life. Time to set the plan of what you need to move forward in your life.  Having a 5-step plan with daily tasks, rituals and practices to re-train your mind to the new identity, you have chosen for you is mandatory!  For calling mutual, equality, respect and honour for your heart, soul and life.

Next begin to access that inner peace, tranquillity and freedom that exists inside our heart. But the empathic identities have switched that ‘heart space’ to access after- hours or on very special occasions for self because You are the slave to those around you and they are on call to your heart strings!

Have fun with this, time to wake up from the Empathic coma and live life on the terms you choose.

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See you on this side with your Soul Freedom and Soul Abundance waiting for you.