Welcome to Easter 2022, we’ve made it!!

Exciting news, the next ‘Reclaim your Power & Freedom & Heal from Narcissistic Wounding Course’ commences at 7 pm Wednesday 27th April, which I have just opened the seats for.  Please email me your interest in participating in this transformational 9-week course, the classes a limited in size.  The participants in the last course, which was the first of its kind, have all experienced major changes in ways, even they did not expect.

Astrology Update for April, Easter, and beyond:

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces on April 12, so this energy is still in play for the Full moon in Libra, Sunday, April 17th, 2022, more about that later in the newsletter.  Join me for the Full Moon Ceremony……………

This conjunction has not happened for 166 years. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you won’t be alive for the next one. April is a month of stunning new beginnings; it began with a New Moon and ends with a New Moon. And it’s a universal month of instant manifestation and New Beginnings.

  • Confidence and freedom are guiding you through the gateway of compassion.
  • Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, expansion, optimism, and solutions merge as ONE with Neptune planet of spirituality, dreams, compassion, unconditional love, and imagination.
  • Water-themed storylines (due to Pisces) will help cleanse, purge and create a tremendous renewal during this time.
  • Jupiter gives you faith. Neptune is about the dissolution of judgment and joining higher consciousness and Jupiter is expanding in Neptune, meaning Magical Mysticism and your Heart is being stirred awake…
  • Dreams are coming true, and You can have more of what you desire.
  • At the same time, Pisces represents the final sign of endings, so a powerful shift of beginnings and endings is unfolding at this time…
  • You will be experiencing a major release… and renewal!  If you choose?

Every planet, number, and transit also has a SHADOW SIDE.

In Pisces, the shadow shows up as being delusional, secretive, and disillusioned.

The Shadow side of Neptune is about lying to yourself. Self-betrayal. It shows up when

you choose to look away and stop listening to your intuition in favor of your ego desires.

And you feel disappointed and disenchanted.  You then tap into the victim frequency AND become it.  This ‘black cloud’ hovers around and over you, attracting (creating) more of the same to you. The more you can work to bring into balance your ‘shadow’ side, the lighter you become, energetically speaking, and your vibration rises to positive, supporting, and open to the next level of life, and out of the Victim mentality.

While in that lower density of the SHADOW, victim role, you are judging yourself, you are judging others and others are judging you cycle.

The solution to this is:

  • Constantly remind yourself to be in love with everything you see, accepting all as it is, coming from a compassionate heart. (DO the Shadow work, Inner Child work within)
  • Otherwise, you will be in judgment of it and stuck in the ego-mind, controlling and being controlled by this, always looping around.
  • So, always bring it back to your heart. There is no need for more information, more knowledge (head & ego). There is a great need for more HEART, open to receive and give and be part of a better world.

Jupiter instills the joy that lifts us out of our mind-ego and into laughter, fun, and freedom.

Embrace joy and wisdom, expansion and laughter. Jupiter’s exuberance helps to lighten up your heart! With an open door to explore pleasure, plenty and prosperity, it’s a wonderful time to deepen your conscious alignment to higher frequencies.

The Full moon in Libra serves as the final lunation before the chaos of eclipse season commences. Also called the Pink Moon, this rosy full moon is set to harmonious new beginnings in our lives and help us clear away any imbalances that are disrupting our personal flow. The illuminating energy of the Libra full moon can also be used to help us let go of what’s no longer serving us or see things from a broader perspective, as the points above.

  • Libra’s illuminating themes relate to relationships, balance, and social connection, too.
  • Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales, so its energy helps us to find a harmonious synergy between extremes.
  • it brings us an opportunity to find our footing and embrace a sense of inner harmony.
  • It’s a time to stand tall in our personal power,
  • And also surrender to the magic of the universe and all the surprises life has in store for us.

For this Easter break, use this fabulous energy, to work on the following points below to bring yourself back into balance, harmony and right relationship within YOU and your life.  And if you need assistance, please book a Discovery Call with me.  ……………………..

Whatever is.

  • not in alignment,
  • out of balance & harmony,
  • is cluttered,
  • is toxic,
  • is of no use,
  • is in excess & taking up space
  • you have grown out of, away from

This diligence to take personal responsibility will assist you in the next astrological sequence happening at the end of April, the ECLIPSE SEASON. This family of eclipses was last in action, in 2004, so you have a new opportunity to complete, clear, release, whatever is needed in order to move forward and beyond this time.  What was happening, is unresolved since 2004?   You will have the inner knowing of what to do, to say to reclaim your power and freedom, to release yourself of the 18-year energy looping which has repeated and here again for release.

On April 30th, 2022 we have a partial Lunar Eclipse.  Lunar eclipses are immensely emotional and cause things to break down that are not working and cause us to face the truth about underlying feelings, fears, and our shadow selves.  Spiritually speaking, an Eclipse Cycle serves a key role, and that is triggering change and transformation.

Eclipses have a way of revealing old patterns, insecurities, limitations, and even fears. When you become aware of these “lower vibrational energies” within and around you, you then have the power and opportunity to heal and transmute them so you can let them go.

In this sense, an Eclipse Cycle is an ally on your transformation journey. They shine a spotlight on where you’re out of alignment, so you can transform and shift into greater harmony and coherence with Truth, and the highest possibilities for your life.

Illuminating your “stuff” however is not always fun and easy, and can be downright painful and challenging at times. This is why throughout history Eclipses have often been feared and even believed to have harmful spiritual side effects.

Enjoy your Easter, take advantage of the astrological energy present, so it can be a time for your rebirth, renewal, reset or restart for your future path of life purpose, soul path, heart-centered experience you choose for YOU.  Let me know how you go?

From my heart and soul to yours,