If you think 2021 went by quickly, wait until you experience 2022. Last year’s theme of enormous shifts and transformations spills into this one. While the Saturn-Uranus square that created so much transformation in our lives doesn’t repeat, it does get activated by the Nodes of Destiny moving into Taurus and Scorpio. Life will be incredibly accelerated, and the universe will require us to actualize our hopes and dreams to keep up with the challenges of a new era.

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Talking about hopes and dreams, during the year ahead, nothing will be too crazy or too wild to become a reality. With master manifester Jupiter (prosperity, abundance, generosity) incredibly well placed in Pisces ( for most of the year, our ability to attract not only comes back—it’s multiplied by Jupiter’s April 12 rare conjunction with glamorous Neptune.

Together, this duo will bring back creativity, abundance, and compassion to our world. But since there can always be too much of a good thing, staying grounded and maintaining healthy boundaries will be key to making the best of this inspirational merging.
Another theme for the year ahead will be relationships, where we start the year with a 6 week Venus Retrograde (goes direct on January 29) and end with a Mars retrograde (October 30 to January 12). With the cosmic lovers requesting us to fine-tune our closest bonds, we can expect a deeper sense of connection to return to our lives. Also use this time to review the relationship you have with yourself?  Is it kind or harsh? Forgiving or condemning? Punishing or appreciating? Judgemental or empowering?

Choose to make this year, 2022, a year to change how you speak and treat YOU, this changes how people respond to you.  By always starting with ourselves, ask the question, ‘how do we want to be treated, loved and cared for by others?’ What are your results in life? Now make the effort to treat yourself how you want to be treated and notice the changes that happen.

2022 Mercury Retrogrades mirror similar themes to 2021. Happening in intellectual air signs, they will require us to go into full-on introspective mode and alter our perspective from January 14 to February 3, May 10 to June 3, and September 9 to October 2. During these important astrology dates, pay attention to which repeating themes from the past come up for you.

Remember Retrogrades are about stopping and –

  • revise,
  • revisit,
  • realign,
  • reflect,
  • reinvigorate,
  • reconnect,
  • reassess,
  • review,
  • renew personal agreements
  • To look at boundaries where you are not speaking up and saying ‘No’.
  • To ask self – ‘What is the cost of having no voice and being a sheeple, a doormat or a life counsellor without pay?’
So, as you can read 2022 is looking fantastic, I will share in more detail what this means each month’s astrology is for us all.  Astrology and the Moon cycle ceremonies assist our spiritual direction when we connect with it twice a month. Also tuning into the retrograding planets, eclipses and equinoxes gives your soul the guidance to direct you to your true nature and purpose.  Easily identifying the lessons and teachings gives us greater spiritual reward and heart-opening to receive even more.

Many of the retrogrades and eclipses had pushed, disconnected and broke free many people from toxic environments and relationships which then allowed them to get back on the path.  As hard as it is at the beginning of these jolts, the soul knows the truth of how resilient we are and will never harm you, it’s only our negative mindset that has us anchored to a situation, relationship or experience which is not for our highest good.

Remember, if you don’t learn the lesson, to not repeat again, a bigger pair of boots will come along the next time.  OUCH! And, a timely reminder for us all to ‘Listen to your heart or your head will destroy you’.  Follow your heart, listen to what it is telling you and if you don’t know how to hear what it says, then contact me, by Booking a Discovery call today – Click the link and see you soon


Thank you for the emails and compliments back regarding how my emails have helped you in your life over 2021.
Wishing you a fantastic New 2022 Year ahead, see you again soon.